There are four components of the Fellowship:

  • Individual members
  • Local churches
  • Regions
  • Ministry sectors
    • Each member and local church must agree with our statement of faith to be included in the Fellowship of the Light of Christ.

      Regions consist of individual members and local member churches within that country, state or province.

      The regional councils consist of twelve representatives, six from the individual members and six from the local churches.

      Individual members who fulfil the qualifications of deacons or elders are considered Knights of the Fellowship of the Light of Christ.

      The knights elect the Knight Commander of the Fellowship for a three year term of office. The candidates for Knight Commander should fulfil the Biblical requirements for Eldership.

      A knight who is a full member of a local church is under the pastoral authority of his or her local church elders, failing that their regional Shepherds, failing that the Missionary Shepherds and only as a last resort under the pastoral care of the Knight Commander.

      The general council consists of the Knight Commander plus twenty-four representatives, eight from individual members, eight from local churches, and eight from the regional councils.

      Representatives on council must fulfill the biblical qualifications for deacons or elders.

      In addition to the councils there are regional and missionary Shepherds.

      The Shepherds must meet the Biblical qualifications for Eldership.

      Regional shepherds have pastoral responsible for individual members without a local church.

      They have no responsibility for members of established local churches.

      Missionary shepherds have pastoral responsibility for individual members where there is neither a local church, nor a regional council supported by regional shepherds. They have no responsibility for members of established regions.

      Missionary shepherds are appointed by the General Council, and regional shepherds from their regional councils.

      The General Council may approve strategic initiatives known as Ministry Sectors. Each sector will have its own leadership council elected similar to a regional council.

      Each term of office is either two or three years, renewable for up to six years in total followed by one year of sabbatical.