Membership and Council, Regional Councils

Statement of Proceedures

There are three kinds of membership:

  • Individual members/volunteers (“Knights of the Fellowship of Light”)
  • Member churches 
  • Member regions

Each category of member must agree with our statement of faith

Member regions consist of individual members and local member churches within a country, province or state.

The regional councils consist of twelve representatives, six from the individual members and six from the local churches. Two of each, elected each year for a three year term.

The general council consists of twenty-four representatives, eight from individual members, eight from local churches, eight from regional councils. Two of each category elected each year for a four year term.

Candidates for election to Council should meet the Biblical requirements for deacons.
In addition to the councils there are regional and missionary Shepherds appointed by the regional/general Councils. The Shepherds must meet the Biblical qualifications for Eldership.