Membership and Council

Invisible Membership 

The Fellowship of Light (FEL) is absolutely committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its membership. The officers of FEL may only retain personal identification information (PII) for the purpose of voter registration, preventing electoral fraud and for authentication to our technical infrastructure. The officers and members are forbidden to disclose PII to any third party, even to a government agency.  

Anyone who agrees with our statement of Faith, may declare their affiliation to FEL, but FEL will neither confirm nor deny this.

We are conscious of the need to protect our members from persecution and will actively partner with any para-church organisation that seeks to support anyone being persecuted for the sake of Christ, even if they are not eligible for membership of FEL.

Membership and Council, Regional Councils

Statement of Proceedures

There are three kinds of membership:

  • Individual members/volunteers (“Knights of the Fellowship of Light”)
  • Member churches 
  • Member regions

Each category of member must agree with our statement of faith

Member regions consist of individual members and local member churches within a country, province or state.

The regional councils consist of twelve representatives, six from the individual members and six from the local churches. Two of each, elected each year for a three year term.

The general council consists of twenty-four representatives, eight from individual members, eight from local churches, eight from regional councils. Two of each category elected each year for a four year term.

Candidates for election to Council should meet the Biblical requirements for deacons.
In addition to the councils there are regional and missionary Shepherds appointed by the regional/general Councils. The Shepherds must meet the Biblical qualifications for Eldership.