Fellowship of Light

Our Principal Focus

Our principal ministry focus is twofold

  • To defend the church against false shepherds, who masquerade as church leaders from selfish, narcissistic or evil motives
  • To defend the church against accidental false teaching whereby genuine church leaders have unknowingly absorbed false teaching

Our secondary focus is to protect our members against persecution and discouragement, including protection against retaliation from false shepherds

Fellowship of Light

Casting Light on False Teaching

The General Council has received a third proposal for a ministry sector.

There is a concern about some prevailing false teaching within evangelical churches. There seems to a hidden assumption that sexual beauty is evil and should be shunned at all costs. This has the effect of pushing legitimate feelings into the dark shadows of the subconscious mind, rather than bringing them fully into the light of God's Word.

A more detailed explanation can be found on this external website:


The General Council believes that there is a need for balanced teaching on this topic, especially for young adults.

Another issue is the false doctrine of tithing. No member church of the Fellowship will encourage its members to give in such a legalistic self-righteous way, for God loves cheerful giving.

To discuss the merits of taking on this ministry sector please visit our community website:


Fellowship of Light

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

The General Council is actively considering a ministry sector proposal to defend our members and the wider church against spirituality abusive false shepherds and false believers.

For a background on this please see the external website for Biblical Perspectives On Narcissism:


If you are interested in participating in this ministry sector then please visit our main community website:


Fellowship of Light

Seperation of Responsibility for Officers of the Fellowship 

Any member of council appointed as a Shepherd shall take leave of absence from Council, and if their remaining term of office is more than one year an election will be held to fill their position for the remainder of their term on council.

Any shepherd elected to council shall retire from his responsibilities as a shepherd.

The Knight Commander is considered one of the Shepherds but will no longer have direct pastoral responsibility while acting as Knight Commander, but will instead be responsible for mentoring of Shepherds and members of Council.

Fellowship of Light

Believers’ Baptism

To be a Knight of the Fellowship or an individual member, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Have accepted that you are a sinner saved by the grace of God through the atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and fully trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as the basis for your salvation
  • Be in full agreement with our statement of faith
  • Have received Believers’ Baptism
  • Be a full member of one of our affiliated churches, or a full member of a local church that agrees with our statement of faith or be under the pastoral care of our regional shepherds if there is no suitable local church, or under the pastoral care of our missionary shepherds if there is no regional organisation in your area
  • Not be under disciplinary suspension either from your local church or from one of our shepherds if you are not a full member of your local church
  • Nominated by a member of council if your local church is not fully affiliated with us or if you are not a full member of that church
Fellowship of Light

Voting Procedures

For each candidate indicate one of

  • First Preference 
  • Highly Approve
  • Approve
  • Neutral
  • Reject

The quota for election to is to have greater than one third of the highly approved votes (including first preferences) and at least half of the approval votes (including highly approved and first preferences).

Where too many candidates reach the quota, then count first preference votes to determine the winners.

Where not enough candidates have a quota then, of the candidates without a quota, we exclude the candidate with highest disapproval until we are left with just one more candidate than needed, then use first preferences to determine the winners.

The tie breaker for equal first preferences is to count the number of high approvals. If that still leaves a tie then count number of approvals, then subtract number of rejections.

Fellowship of Light

Mission Statement 

The Fellowship of Light (FEL) exists to promote an all-member ministry in local evangelical churches with a plurality of elders and deacons. We discourage over-reliance on professional staff and instead advocate the training and equipping of local church members.

We are strongly committed to teaching the whole Bible in sermons and Bible study groups for both children and adults. We see children’s Bible classes (also known as Sunday School) as being a vital, strategic ministry for which local church members must be trained and equipped by the local elders, with support from FEL.

We do not employ any paid staff, not do we raise funds from our members. All leadership and ministry positions in FEL are on a strictly voluntary basis.

All local churches are fully autonomous under the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not exercise overnight of member churches.

Forums – https://fellowship-of-light.info

Knights – https://KnightsofChrist.info

Spiritual Light

The Lord Jesus Christ, Light of the World

The very first thing that God created was light. It is fundamental to the structure of space and time in this universe. Nothing else would exist without light. Not only does it give us the ability to see things, but the universe itself depends on the operation of electro-magnetic radiation, including the visible spectrum that we perceive as light and colour. Without light there would be no life on this planet, no warmth, no plants, no animals, no food, no mobile phones and no internet.

 Even before the creation of physical light, before the creation of the physical universe, there was, and always will be, spiritual light. Just as physical light is needed to see the universe, spiritual light is needed to see or know anything about God.

John 1:1-5

Membership and Council

Invisible Membership 

The Fellowship of Light (FEL) is absolutely committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its membership. The officers of FEL may only retain personal identification information (PII) for the purpose of voter registration, preventing electoral fraud and for authentication to our technical infrastructure. The officers and members are forbidden to disclose PII to any third party, even to a government agency.  

Anyone who agrees with our statement of Faith, may declare their affiliation to FEL, but FEL will neither confirm nor deny this.

We are conscious of the need to protect our members from persecution and will actively partner with any para-church organisation that seeks to support anyone being persecuted for the sake of Christ, even if they are not eligible for membership of FEL.